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I'm killjoy,green-idiot and eshelon. And I'm bisexual.

You know how it is when you can not know where he is, what happened to him, with whom he. No? And I know. It’s a horrible feeling. You have been with him so much, so many have gone through together, and then he was gone out of your life, but you continue to love him no matter what. Love, two years later, he was gone from your life. You’re trying to forget it, but nothing comes out. You say tsdalit correspondence with him, and you just can not do that. Because apart from it, you no longer have memories of him. And all you’re trying to do is to forget it all the time, do you remember him in any situation. Love is a tricky thing. It can bring happiness, but also the pain of which you’ll remember for a lifetime, just like this man. Even if you already are married.

О,мой ярко-красный*0*

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